Life Line International

Name : Monir Hossain Sikder                Managing Director(Life Line Group)

It is disgraceful for a nation to be labeled as under-developed and burdened with our population. Bangladesh, though belated has emerged as a country in the global arena with potentialities and signs of obvious shining future in all sectors by fighting against all defamation and bad names. This has become possible due to dauntless love for the country. Change of attitude in every sphere of life-style and continuous thirst for knowledge and prosperity and adapting the ever changing idea, technical know-how and modern innovation of the present day world. Our population has now turned a boom for our economic development, instead of remaining a burden on us. Our people educated or half educated, even unlettered matter a lot towards pace of development. Doctors, Engineers, Soldiers, Police-Force among elite society and labourers among common people are well employed in different countries of the world and earning both fame and bread. Hence our population is no more a headache for our country but is on the track of life line towards building our national economy. We are no more a bottomless basket. Our people are a great source of our expanding economy. What we need is to focus on how many ways we can utilize our vast manpower. The key factor behind the pace of economic development lies in the export of our manpower. Our Foreign Revenue now stands at $23 billions in which earnings from manpower contribute an envious role. It is a matter of immense joy and hope that our manpower export sector has by now emerged as a very important and dynamic sector for earning Foreign Exchange. With this view our company, Life Line International (RL-1011) has been playing a pioneer role in the race of export of wide categories of manpower to different countries of the world like – Malaysia, USA, KSA, Singapore, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Libya etc since the inception of the company. Our endeavor, devotion and sincerity in manpower export have been highly lauded -both at home and abroad. It is because, we take extra care of our recruits, we took. Constantly into their welfare and respond to eliminate their woes and sorrows if and where necessary.

Utilization of Manpower:
We’ve an experience of almost 25 years of Manpower export. We could so far ensure employment of about Forty Thousand workers (skilled and unskilled) to different countries, Namely: Malaysia, Singapore, Qatar, KSA, UAE, Kuwait and others.
To boost up manpower export to international market, we have established our own setup of experts qualified & capable of handling international recruiting business. Well versed & groomed and expert in different foreign languages to make easy corresponding with foreign delegates.
We’ve so far recruited a vast number of workers to Malaysia who are earning very important foreign remittances for their country. They are working with dignity & dedication and are acclaiming fame & glory for their motherland.
Other than Malaysia, we’ve a good number of workers working in the Middle East. So far, we’ve recruited about 20 (Twenty) Thousand workers to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman & UAE.
Other than earning vital foreign currencies, these workers are ultimately helping their own cause by improving their socio economic status and livelihood of their loved ones. From each and every families up to the whole Country are becoming beneficiaries of this total thing.

Future plans:
To boost up manpower export further to the international market, we have future plan of establishing an institute by the banner “Life Line Training Institute” to train up and equip the job seekers abroad in accordance with the need, choice and interest of the employing countries. We prefer to choose young, well groomed and hardworking youths having clean family background and personal character to undergo training according to their choice and fitness.
We’re going to recruit faculty members well versed in their respective discipline both vocational and technical to impart practical knowledge to the trainees. The trainees will also be provided with basic language, code of conduct and discipline pertaining to the country they would work.

We are pledge-bound to serve our beneficiaries and employment seekers with top most care, sincerity and wide experience. Our counseling service is always open and available. We honestly offer free advice and guidelines upon choosing the correct destination. We cordially invite all concerned to pay a kind visit and accept our hospitality and to enjoy our sincere services for flourishment of manpower export.

We’re offering our services under the following banners:
• Life Line International: RL No. 1011

 Govt. Approved Recruiting Agent.

• Life Line Travels Limited:

 IATA Accredited Travel Agent, Accreditation Code: 42307300.
 Govt. Approved Hajj & Umrah Agent: Hajj License No: 905, Umrah License No: 370
 Govt. Approved Tour Operating Agent: T.O. License No: 24/2002

Our affiliations:
As a Travel Trade Organization we’re proud to have all the travel related services under our belt.
We’re the proud member of the following Organizations:
 Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA)
 International Air Transport Association (IATA)
 Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh (HAAB)
 Tour Operators Association of Bangladesh (TOAB)

Other Travel Related Services:
Besides Manpower Recruitment, we’re providing the following services as well:

1. All airlines ticketing stock: We are covering all the major domestic and international airlines with instant online e-ticketing facilities.
2. Domestic air ticket & hotel reservation: We are also providing domestic air tickets along with standard hotel reservation to any part of Bangladesh where the services are available.
3. Visa processing: We process and procure visas for the most lucrative and demanding destinations right at the moment. We process visas for The Middle-East, Asia Pacific (Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore), Europe and South American countries in contract basis.
4. Hajj & Umrah: We are a govt. approved agent processing holy Hajj & Umrah visas with professionalism and dignity.
5. Indian domestic air ticket: We arrange Indian domestic air tickets for Calcutta, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Goa and other important cities.
6. Package tour: We arrange and supervise package tours to the most lucrative and attractive tourist destinations in and outside Bangladesh.
7. Airport protocol service: We provide protocol service to our distinguished clients from airport to local accommodation along with 24 hours transportation facilities with our own vehicle.
8. 24 hours door to door service: Our specialty is to render services to our clients in a round the clock basis. We are always prepared to serve at the quickest possible time and make sure the client is cent percent satisfied.

We wish our patrons, well wishes and advise best of luck with sound health and prosperity in all days to come.